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Dental Crowns Specialist

Dental Crowns Specialist in Santa Ana, CA

A dental crown is an artificial cap that fits over a damaged tooth and helps restore its shape, size, and function. It protects and straightens teeth that have suffered considerable decay, damage, or root canal treatment. Dental crowns provide increased functioning for chewing and biting, improve aesthetics by restoring the tooth’s natural appearance, and prevent additional damage or decay. Dr. Linda Pearce DDS and our team of dental professionals at Bay Dental offer dental crowns. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 3620 S Bristol St Suite 307, Santa Ana, CA 92704.

Dental Crowns Specialist Near Me in Santa Ana, CA
Dental Crowns Specialist Near Me in Santa Ana, CA

Table of Contents:

What are dental crowns?
What is the treatment process for crowns?
How do you care for dental crowns?
How much does a tooth crown cost?
How many teeth can go in a crown?

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are customized caps for damaged teeth. It is made from a variety of sustainable materials including porcelain or metal. Many patients may have a crown over a molar; however, they rarely can be seen unless the patient yawns or the crown is located at the front of the mouth. Each crown is custom created and designed specifically to match the natural teeth of the patient, this is for cosmetic purposes, specifically in case the crown is located near the front of the mouth. There are a few factors that are considered when dental specialists begin choosing a crown for their patient, some of these factors include:

– Cost of the treatment
– Strength of the crown
– Durability of the crown

Many of our patient’s number one request is that the crown looks natural in its appearance, as they do not want others to know they even have a crown. Our dental specialists will discuss the various options available depending on the severity of the procedure, and what will best meet the needs of the patient as well as their oral health before moving forward.

Previously mentioned were the types of sustainable materials used, mainly they are porcelain and metal; however, there are other types available including:

– Ceramic
– Zirconia
– Composite resin
– Or several materials combined from the above-listed materials

Our dental specialists will take into consideration a few factors when deciding which type of material to recommend to each patient:

– Area of the tooth that needs the crown
– The percentage of the tooth that will show when the patient smiles
– Position of the gum’s tissue when the patient smiles
– Function of the tooth that is receiving a dental crown
– How much of the affected tooth is left
– Natural color of the surrounding teeth

What is the treatment process for crowns?

The main factor will depend on if you are receiving a same-day dental procedure or multi-day dental procedure, the treatment process for a crown will continue as follows:

– Identify the affected tooth where the cavity is, clean up the cavity/tooth
– Trim the tooth, this is done to create a base for the crown to fit on snugly
– Place the temporary crown on the affected tooth, once the permanent crown is ready, replace the temporary tooth with a permanent crown if a multi-day procedure is chosen
– If a same-day procedure is chosen, the permanent crown will be available immediately.

How do you care for dental crowns?

Your dental specialist will go over how to care for the dental crown during your appointment, but to maintain a crown so it can last years be to:

– Avoid sticky and hard food or drinks
– Brush, floss, and use mouthwash regularly to keep the teeth in a healthy state
– Curb bad habits like smoking
– Use a nightguard to stop grinding or clenching
– Visit your dentist regularly for dental check-ups and cleanings

How much does a tooth crown cost?

Dental crowns are considered the top-tier solution for covering a damaged tooth and restoring dental implants. Crowns are a simple and easy process; however, this process can differ from patient to patient due to unseen variables and circumstances that may be involved in the process.

Preparation, choosing the number of dental crowns that will be needed, the material that will be used for the crown, and many other factors all come into play before the appointment day. All of these factors go into the cost of the dental crown, which is why the cost for a dental crown will vary depending on each patient’s circumstances.

Generally, dental crowns or caps cost on average of $900 to $1200 per crown/cap. This will also greatly depend on the location of each dental clinic. However, if you have insurance, typically more than half of the dental cost is covered. You will need to review your dental insurance plan or speak to an advisor at your insurance provider’s office to find out complete details.

How many teeth can go in a crown?

Crowns are custom-created for one individual tooth each. This is to make sure that nothing gets under the crown to cause havoc and create more damage, but also to act as a natural tooth would, and allow you to continue to eat, chew, and swallow without worrying about anything getting stuck or manipulating the dental crown.

At Bay Dental Family Dentistry and Orthodontics, our team can walk you through all of your cosmetic dental options, to make the best decision for you and your dental needs. We serve patients from Santa Ana CA, Lakewood CA, Garden Grove CA, Anaheim CA, Irvine CA, Orange CA, Westminster CA, Costa Mesa CA, and South Coast metro areas.